Are you a book blogger or steady book reviewer on either Goodreads or Amazon? Do you like free books? How about Fantasy books in particular? 

Well then you're in luck, because we want to introduce you to some free copies of our amazing authors. 

All you need to do is download our free sampler book and take the Choose Your Own Adventure test to determine which of our authors you're most aligned with. Then post your results on social media and make sure to tag us (@sigilindie on Twitter or @sigilindependent on Facebook), and we'll send you an electronic review copy to do with as you choose.

Or, if that's a little too much downloading for your tastes, try our quick quiz and follow the same steps above. 

And if you want to throw in a #sigilindiechallenge hashtag, we wouldn't say no. We've never had a hashtag of our very own before and we'd like to try one on.