First off, many thanks to Esme over at The Weatherwax Report for spearheading this initiative of connecting Fantasy reviewers and indie/ self-published authors. Based on her idea we've helped put together a list of reviewers seeking review copies from indie authors, as well as a list of authors willing to give away review copies. 

All this information is collected automatically by filling out forms, so if you decide you no longer want to be a part of this initiative, please contact us at and we'll remove you. 

Want to sign up? Well if you're a reviewer, please fill out this form. And if you're an author, this one's for you

We'd suggest you find your genre of choice and sort by it, then contacting any reviewers who have marked that genre as a Yes. And please take the reviewers' chosen genres into consideration. They were kind enough to sign up for this, so don't go spamming them with books that don't apply.

Reviewers (sign up!)

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