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Sigil Breakfast Cereals

There are few simple pleasures greater than curling up with a good book, although a sugary breakfast cereal on Saturday morning certainly comes close. Which led us to wonder what cereals best describe our books. And no, it had nothing to do with the sugar rush we were experiencing at the time.

The Heart of Stone is like bran flakes because they’re rough, uniformly coloured, hard to eat, but ultimately good for the heart. And possibly your small intestine. --Ben Galley

Paternus: Rise of Gods is like a bowl of Lucky Charms, Eat all the crunchy boring bits then it's sweet marshmallow treats all the way, and occasionally you might find a bug... --Dyrk Ashton

From the Shadows of the Owl Queen’s Court is like a hearty porridge, sprinkled with sunflower seeds, and with a dollop of slightly-bitter plum jam hiding in the middle - the face you make eating that jam is the face you’ll be wearing by the end of the book. --Benedict Patrick

The Eagle’s Flight is like Frosted Flakes: Because it’s Grrrreat! Also liable to kill you in the long run. --D. E. Olesen

Rhenwars Saga is like Fiber One because it hurts going down and makes you crap your pants. --M. L. Spencer

The Amra Thetys series is like bacon. Just bacon. Sure haters will tell you it's not 'healthy' or 'wholesome' but you can just ignore them, because bacon. --Michael McClung

Where Loyalties Lie is like Captain Crunch: Full of golden nuggets, will rot your teeth, and I insist everyone calls me Captain. --Rob J. Hayes

The Crimson Queen is like Lucky Charms, because it's magically delightful! --Alec Hutson

The Woven Ring is like Krusty O’s because while it looks bright and tasty, it will end up shredding your innards. --M. D. Presley

Death March is like Cocoa Krispies: at first you think it's just childish fun, but you soon realize just how serious and deadly a bowl can be. --Phil Tucker

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