• MD Presley

Magazine Covers!

They say the secret to business success is to diversify, so we at Sigil thought, why not expand our brand from books to the vibrant (and totally viable) world of magazines.

Get out and about in these fantasy lands from Ben Galley, Rob Hayes, and Benedict Patrick. Subscribe to all three and receive a courtesy bag of holding.

A slave to fashion, or just a slave? Either way, see what all the best dressed protagonists are wearing with these samplings from Michael McClung, Timandra Whitecastle, MD Presley, and DE Olesen. Act now before supplies disappear due to undue rogue interest.

Need to stay up to date on world(s) events? Well, look no further than these offerings from ML Spencer, Dyrk Ashton, Phil Tucker, and Alec Hutson. Special discount available if you can indeed find Dyrk's pants.

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