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2018 SPFBO Prediction Brackets

Last year Sigil member MD Presley created a game so anyone could put on their SPFBO judging cap and pick the books they thought would win SPFBO 2017. Not saying that it had anything to do with it (correlation, not causation and all that), but it should be noted that the person who picked the most winners last year just so happens to be a judge this year.

Last year it was a bit confusing, what with picking one finalist and two semifinalists with different points awarded to each, so this year the rules are simple:

That’s it.

Scores will be totaled automatically each time a blogger picks a semifinalist, and again with the finalist; five points a pop. Feel like entering more than once with different strategies? Great. Get on that.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the entrant that are so kindly broken out by blog with some Goodreads lists, then make some predictions. Will you go by the number of reviews, or perhaps alphabetically? Mayhaps some divination is in order, or the ol’ eeny-meenie-miney-moe strategy.

Either way, please share your thoughts/ choices and invite others to do so as well. Half the fun of competitions like this is prognosticating on who will win.


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