Chased out of town in just about every Texan town, Meatzo ("Meatzo the Meatzarian" to his close friends) seeks his vengeance in the the traditional two-fold form: BBQ and Literature (he insists we always capitalize the word when referring to his work). Funding his Literary endeavors with the profits from his likeness being illegally used by Bugbear BBQ, Meatzo has gone full-on Weird Al and seeks to tear down self-published authors by parodying their works. Several Sigil members have already felt the sting of his Literary lash, and the only way we could get him to quit was by letting him into the club. 

In April 2018, Meatzo took over the Sigil site, and its aftereffects can still be found here

All images kindly provided by HiuGregg. Except for the last three. No one takes credit for them. 

Meatzo the Meatzarian