To provide Fantasy fans the best possible self-published Fantasy. 


Like it or not, all self-published authors carry with them the stigma of being a self-published author. With the newfound ease of self-publishing, the traditional gatekeepers no longer hold utter sway and any individual with an idea, internet connection, and fifteen minutes for an upload can call him or herself an author. As such, many self-published books now inundate audiences with errors and amateurism the traditional gatekeepers never would have allowed.

However, as Mark Lawrence's Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off has demonstrated, there's also a lot of untapped talent out there in the self-published Fantasy realms, often catering to subgenres traditional publishers aren't interested in. These self-published authors operate on par with their traditionally published peers but lack the means to achieve audience awareness as they endeavor individually. 

To overcome this, SIGIL has formed a guild of like-minded self-published Fantasy authors intent on utilizing traditionally published best practices to ensure our audiences receive the best possible self-published product. 

We would like audiences to know when they download a SIGIL title they have received a professional book, not just in terms of a lack of errors, but in the quality of writing. We consider SIGIL titles "Serious Self-Published Fantasy For Serious Fantasy Fans" because these are the titles the involved authors enjoy reading as serious Fantasy fans themselves and expect the same reaction from audiences as well.  


Q: How exactly do you "provide Fantasy fans the best possible self-published Fantasy"?

A: Many of our authors have been traditionally published in the past and have maintained the best practices they gleaned during their stints with their publishers. This includes professional covers, editors, and marketing (along with a lot of other boring, behind-the-scenes stuff).

Q: Does this mean your titles are entirely error free? 

A: No. But then again neither are some other very popular traditionally published books. Editors can only catch 95% at best according to a study, but if you do find a typo in one of our books, please let us know in the form below.  

Q: What's up with the whole guild thing then?

A: Well, "guild" sounds pretty cool and seems pretty fitting for a collective of Fantasy authors. That said, it should be pointed out that, while we do try and emulate several aspects of traditional publishing houses, every SIGIL author makes his/ her own decisions in all things.

What's more, SIGIL takes no profits from any members' sales and there are no dues. What we focus on is more collective promotion and how-to. 

Q: Sounds interesting. Can I join up?

A: We're not accepting new members at the moment, although we do plan on expanding at some point. Probably after we figure out if this whole experiment pans out. Learning to walk before we run and all that. 

Q: Are you affiliated with the Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off? 

A: All of our members have been semifinalists at some point in Mark Lawrence's competition, with a winner and several finalists in our motley crew as well, but no, SIGIL has nothing to do with SPFBO. In fact, many of us were in contact with each other before we entered because, turns out, we all run in the same online circles. 

However, the importance of SPFBO cannot be overlooked since it gives the sheen of legitimacy to self-publishers we sorely lack. So, in that regard, we are deeply indebted to SPFBO. 

Q: Can I be a beta reader or receive an e-ARC? 

A: We're always looking for good beta readers and have an e-ARC pipeline set up, so there's a good chance you can if you fill out the form below. 

Until we get back to you though, feel free to download our sampler and get to know our authors. 

And please follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or join our mailing list to stay up to date on all things SIGIL. 

Q: Anything else I can do to help?

A: Leave Amazon/ Goodreads reviews and then tell all your friends if you enjoyed one of our books. Word of mouth weighs nothing, but it's more precious than gold to authors. 

Q: Are your authors available for some interviews? 

A: You'd have to ask them, but all their contact info is up over at their author's page. Chances are they'll be delighted. 


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